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Beautiful Powerful Women® is a platform for people to get empowerment, encouragement, restoration, and revival. We facilitate transformation to individuals, their families, and their workplaces desiring everyone to encounter God. We aim to unite the
Nations in Christ.

the founder

Ruth Cube

Optometrist / Author/Pastor / Christian-Events Organizer / Film producer / Worship Leader / SongWriter / Itinerant Speaker / Inner Healing and Deliverance Minister /Spiritual-Prophetic Counselor /World Traveler /Founder of Beautiful Powerful Women Ministries

Ruth walks into a room and love gets spread , joy explodes and hope arises because of who she carries .  A woman of faith because the One whom she believes is perfect , faithful and trustworthy . She burns for people to encounter the love of God.  Her passion is to empower and walk people to freedom in government, business, entertainment and fashion world.     Her heart is to reach and help feed the poor, educate and shelter the street kids and help in anti human trafficking and anti-prostitution programs . Ruth, whilst being educated with a degree in Doctor of Optometry , her true calling has been in Global Missions in combination with creating Christian-Events, writing a book, and film productions . She has a long-standing history in traveling the globe and has lived in diverse locations and in over 10 countries, ranging from the Middle East to Europe and Asia. Born in Manila, Philippines she is happily married for 27 years with her Dutchman Jean JK Keijdener and they have two daughters, Edana and Jana.

David Hogan

"Jesus is King! Ruth is like my daughter I love, endorse, bless and back her and her work in the Lord Jesus. One of the best Worshipers, Praisers and Christians I know. Love you."

Rolland Baker

"For years, Ruth has been a constant source of sweet loving encouragement to Heidi and me. Her ministry initiative in Southeast Asia is born out of genuine, fiery zeal that just keep growing, and I know she will continue to be precious firebrand for Jesus wherever she is. I commend her to full-time service in spreading the Gospel, and know that her multiple giftings will bear priceless fruit as the Lord blesses her work and continues to bring life to many through her."

Powerful Women

- Create events where they can share joys and divide their sorrows without fear of judgement.
- Create a platform that is a safe to pray about difficulties in every area of their lives.
- Be given a listening ear and talk about bible promises to take to heart.

Men and Women in Business

- We create a scheduled gathering for businessmen and businesswomen to be able to connect and support each other in business.
- Help invite speakers to enhance heart checks and knowledge of Truth and not just work.
- Have a safe- non opportunistic environment for expanded network.  
- Create an environment with the same views and exchange new ideas.
- Brainstorm together on how to create jobs for others.

Political Office

- Create a safe place to empower and encourage the identities, purpose and assignments of these politicians through prophetic insights and revelations.

Prophetic community

A safe place to  practice  listening to the Holy Spirit  and prophesying to each other.
A place to receive a Word of encouragement and be able to give one.

Events and Entertainment

Conferences, Gatherings and Concerts that Hosts the Presence of God, to bring Him glory and bring people closer to Him.

Schedule meetings for a quiet time to listen to God together, to discuss and be sensitive to the move of God for the season through media business - prophetic insights and help in the transformation of the world through media.

A Place where they feel safe and be each other’s Encouragement and Godly critic.

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